About Me

_0005_no_smileI was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My earliest memories are from the back pew of our church.  I grew up in an Assembly of God church.  As I got older I started reaching for “The American Dream”.  College, get a job in my field of study, etc.   I thought I was doing it right, but God had a different plan.

Three weeks after turning twenty-one I drove 1,648 miles from home to become a youth pastor in a young Assembly of God church in Massachusetts.  I was the youth minister in two different churches.

I left the ministry and drove to Virginia Beach, Virginia to visit a friend, and wound up settling there.  That is where I met my wife.  We got married and due to a loss of a job we sold our house and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We had two children there.  For the hope of a good stable job we moved the family to Illinois.  My wife and I divorced several years ago.  I am now retired from AT&T, and have moved back home to Tulsa, to become a full time writer, and public speaker.

Early in 2019, I moved to the Philippines to get married.  I no longer have to check the “Divorced” box on forms, as I have married a wonderful woman.  April is a true gift from God.  I lived with her there until several needs required me to come back to America.  April joined me in America, March 2021. We attend Life Church.

I feel my primary ministry now is in the form of writing, and as a motivational speaker. I enjoy helping and encouraging other writers hoping to make their writing experience the best it can be.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mark, Enjoyed your comments about the “day before.” Reminded me of a speech I do entitled “Today is your Some Day” We all have said “Some day I am going to …..” but my theme is start…
    Keep writing. Clella

  2. Hi Mr Brady
    Wow,I had no idea about you being on the path along with God so well,that every time something happens how well you connect with him.
    THE LAST DAY is realy great way to connect with him.
    I wish God can bless me such a way,
    So i can live every day like my last DAY.
    I realy need to do that.

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