Be the You He Knew

20160529_132228Jer 1:4 This is what GOD said:
Jer 1:5 “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations– that’s what I had in mind for you.”

Most of the time it is ourselves that hinder ourselves.  For some reason we tend to believe what others have spent a time speaking into us, whether true or not.  Peter J Daniels wrote a book* where he told his 2nd grade teacher she was wrong about him.  While I was reading it I kept thinking I sure hope this woman is already dead, because this would embarrass her to death.  The point of the book is this; don’t let others tell you who you are, or what you will become.

Empty yourself, of everything you know isn’t true.  Be the person who God is constantly reminding you, you are.  The person He has made you to be.  He whispers it in your soul.  It may sound like you for God isn’t going to use words that are not in your vocabulary.  He’s not going to speak to you in Russian if you don’t know the language, and if it is something that is positive, loving, uplifting and lines up with God’s word then it can’t be the devil speaking that inside you.  Why doesn’t God use his own voice to speak to you?  Well, for one, it would probably scare you, and two, you are not Moses standing barefoot next to a burning bush.

The best way to hear God is one, learn His voice.  That means invite him to speak to you, and pray that when he does you will know it is him.  Secondly get in a habit of getting quiet.  For me that is sometimes when I am in the car.  I turn off the music, which at times bothers me, because I enjoy singing.  I’m good at it.  No, really I am.  On more than one occasion people at a stop light will roll up their window because they just can’t take the awesomeness any longer.  Know the kind of things God would speak to you.  You do this by reading His word, you know the “Bible”.

Yes there are times God will speak to you through another person, but you will know when that is happening because it will feel very familiar.  Why is that?  Because most likely His Spirit has been whispering similar words to you for a while.  Mothers, fathers, teachers, friends, please be careful of the words you speak into someone else, especially a child, for they just might be listening.

* ” Miss Phillips, You Were Wrong: A Formula to Handle Rejection” Hardcover – 1989

The Name of God

A young boy was asked what God’s name is
by his church school of God
The boy replied, “Howard.”
The teacher surprised asked, “Howard?”
“Yes.  Our Father who art in heaven “Howard” be thy name…”
You laugh, but be assured one day the young man will know God’s name is not “Howard”.

I was reading Psalms 83 this past week and I came across a portion of scripture (13-18) that seemed very harsh.  The one who penned the words wanted such harm and destruction to come to a certain group of people, in such a way, so the only result of these events is they would finally know the name of God.

That portion of scripture got me to thinking, what would it take in some people’s lives before they would know the name of God.  Before they would recognize how much He desires for them to know Him.  That He longs for their company, and His heart aches to hear their voice speak to Him.  That He wants to help them get through this life which at time can be so difficult, because Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy anything and everything that is of God.

If you don’t know God’s name ask Him.  He will tell you His name in such a loving way your heart will be expanded like you have never thought possible.  You will walk around with this enormous joy, and others who see you may wonder what you have to smile about.  I pray they ask, so you can experience what it is like to tell someone God’s name.

Do you have one?

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“When the dream is unleashed”

Do you have one so deep down inside you some people close to you don’t even realize it.  How long has it been there?  Do you know when it will be unleashed?  Does carrying it around every day hurt?

I’m talking about a dream.  A desire to do something for God.  Perhaps more people have them than we would know.  There are those who want to be in one form of ministry, or another, full time.  Not just to minister on weekends, or part time, but all the time.  Not getting that opportunity can hurt, and at times it makes getting up and going to work somewhere we don’t want to be extremely hard to do.

Yes, I have one.  I can relate to Joseph in Genesis 35:7, “Joseph had a dream.”  I desire more than anything to become a full time author, and public speaker.  I write where and when I can.  I try my best to be faithful with the time I have to minister with words.  I struggle to, but I know I need to be content where God has me now.  There are people where I am now that need to be ministered to full time.

I am learning this:  to be faithful where I am today, and that practice will prepare me to be faithful where I want to be.  If you have one, I know what you are going through.  If you would like to be on this special list of God dreamers, so that I can pray for you as well then let me hear from you at: As I have shared with another just this past week, it stays with me, but you can know this; there is at least another who understands what you feel, what you want, and what you cry out to God for, that the dream will one day be more than a dream.  It will be your life.

In a Moment

20160508_113818Touching a life is one of the most special things we, as humans, can ever do.  In the first book I wrote, “Authentic Ministry” (now in the process of being re-written because I tried to write it like my favorite author Max Lucado, and God whispered to me one day, “I already have a Max Lucado, write in your voice.”), so it is not out yet, but I wrote a whole chapter about touching lives, one of my favorite subjects.

There are so many ways to touch another’s life.  Through spoken words, through written words, through a song you share, sometimes the right photo, or simply reaching over and holding a hand.  The nice thing is you don’t have to be gifted, or have a doctorates’ degree in Theology.  If you are a human, you are qualified.  Just do what seems right…for that moment.

The one thing that you do need is practice to see the moments.  Many times we go too fast in life to see them, hear them, or sense them.  And they aren’t there very long, that’s why they are called “moments”.  Or worse yet we are so obsessed with our own lives to even notice someone else’s.

The other day I was talking to a coworker through our instant messaging tool.  All of sudden I sensed it.  I was in the middle of “a moment”.  This person needed to hear an encouraging word.  I shared one.  They thought God had told me to share that word with them.  I told them it came from me, but the more I thought about it I had this realization;  when one spends time with God, reads his word, talks with him through prayer you begin to really know him.  You learn his character, and you begin to take on his character.  I told my coworker this, and then went on to say, “I think if God was physically the one typing the message that is what he would have said to you.”

Don’t miss the moments.  Look hard for them.  Search them out, and then don’t be afraid to convey a message in whatever form comes natural to you.  Today, being Mother’s Day, is the perfect “moment” to share in a way God himself would.

In the Hospital

IMG_6184I’m writing this week’s blog from the hospital. It’s okay, because I’m not the one admitted, although some would argue that I should be, or is that, “committed”? Anyway, I am a proud grandpa of my first grandchild. Eleanor (Ellie) was born Thursday evening, but her birth was a journey in itself.

At first, after mom was induced, she refused to come out. Come on, who could blame her? Water bed, room service, carried around everywhere, not a bad life. Then she must have heard a loud voice say they were going to come in and get her using entrance “C”. She probably thought that didn’t sound like a good idea, because she instantly said goodbye to her room of the last 8 months and 1 week and looked for that glowing exit sign.

She came out, but brought the cord that connected her to life for the past months with her wrapped around her neck. Instantly it was cut and they rushed her into the NICU. They first said she would be in the hospital for several days, but it looks like this morning, three days after being born she will get to go home.

From the time my daughter was told to head for the hospital immediately during a routine baby checkup till today many prayers have been prayed, and God heard them, and God responded. He answered the prayer that mom and baby be okay through this ordeal. He answered the prayer that she would exit my daughter’s body naturally. He answered a lot of prayers that she would pull through the darkness of night. He answered the prayers that she wouldn’t die, and there was one point in her first night they had to resuscitate her. He answered the prayers that she grow stronger by the hour, and that her color would stop making her look like a new form of Smurfs.

My point today is simply this: God hears, God cares, and God answers. You may not get the answer you wanted and I certainly cannot explain why, but this I do know; God’s ways are higher than our ways. That is why it takes faith. Not just faith for the answered prayers, but faith for trust in God when they are not answered. Remember this though: If you are going to pray for rain then at least grab an umbrella before you leave the house.