Jesus is Lord!!

jesus-is-lordA young lady in my church, who hides behind a recliner to talk to her parent’s bible study group stands up with boldness in front of her class.  The 15 year old shared with them why God should be allowed back into schools.  She revealed students have a right to proclaim “Jesus is Lord”.  She stood there in the power of the Holy Spirit as He enabled her.  In her own might it would never happen, but she loves God and wants to be used by Him.

We are in full blown Christmas mode right now.  This is the easiest time of the year to share “Jesus is Lord”.  After all, Jesus is the reason for this season.  People are hungry for truth and Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.  All, who know “Jesus is Lord”, should be watching for opportunities to share their faith.  Ready to give an answer to those searching.  The Holy Spirit has been drawing them to God.  Now we need to be asking the Holy Spirit to help us to be ready and bold, like the young lady in my church.

This holiday season give more than an earthly gift.  Give the gift God gave us.  His son Jesus.  Share with all, why Jesus is the answer to their needs.  Give a gift that hopefully no one returns.


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Today I Saw Jesus

I work in downtown Chicago.  Just walking from the train station to my building I see a lot of humanity.  The best and the worst of mankind, but today, today I saw Jesus.

I had run out of my house this morning to catch my train and did not take time to eat breakfast.  As a result I stopped by a fast food establishment to pick something up.  I saw a woman who appeared to be taking her time in ordering breakfast.  The line was getting long.  I didn’t know until later that she was ordering something that she usually doesn’t and she wanted to make sure the person behind the counter got it right.  I got my order in, grabbed it, filled my drink and hurried out the door, and that is when I saw Jesus.

I saw the woman who had taken so much time ordering, who had held up the line, giving a homeless man his breakfast.  She saw me watching, and the next thing I know we were talking.  I told her that was very cool.  She then said, “If a man is hungry how can you not feed him?”  As she went on to share with me the words of Jesus, “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me–you did it to me.” (Mat. 25:40 MSG), I sensed the Holy Spirit, the presence of God.  If Yoda, from “Star Wars”, was a Christian he might say about her, “The Holy Spirit is strong with this one!”  It is an awesome feeling to sense God’s presence oozing out of a person who is so filled up with God it can’t help but come out!

I know Jesus would have fed the homeless man too, and he would have also fed his soul.  If you look around at humanity you will see there are a lot of people who need to be fed.  Here I am talking about their soul’s need to be fed.  They need to hear hope.  They need to know there is One who knows them, sees them, and not only loves them, but gave his own son for them.  They are starving.  There is a spiritual famine in this world today.  That is why there are so many conflicts going on all over the world.  The worse thing is some don’t even know they are hungry.  They have ignored the spiritual hunger pains so long they don’t even realize why they hurt inside.  Be Jesus today.  Be Jesus every day.  Feed the multitudes.