God’s Favorite Part

Torn011My favorite part, of Jesus’ death on the cross is this; the very moment he exhaled his last breath the thick, tall, heavy curtain that separated man, from the Holy of Holies was torn from top to bottom.  It’s my favorite part, because now, we have direct access to God’s presence.

Yes, I am so grateful to have my sins forgiven, but I love it when I sense God’s presence coming down, and lighting upon me.  When I sense the Holy Spirit enter me, I feel such a tremendous amount of love, peace, joy, and security.  Feeling God’s embrace is unbelievable.  I hope you know what I am talking about.  It is in those moments, I sometimes receive instruction, correction, words of knowledge, secrets, or my favorite, the keys to someone’s heart.  Jesus had the keys when he spoke to the woman at the well.  When you hold those keys, and unlock the secret chambers of one’s heart, real, authentic ministry can take place.

There are times when God just loves on me.  The other night, my Heavenly Father took me out for an ice cream cone.  While I was enjoying the ice cream, I all of a sudden had the realization that the curtain ripping into, in the temple, was God’s favorite part of the story as well.  Why?  Because now, when He enters the temple, He is entering us.  We, are the temple of God.

“Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, You were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own]. So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body.”  (1Co 6:19-20 AMP)

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Where Are You Going?

20170819_205542“Recalculating.”  Seems to be her favorite word.  I get frustrated with her at times.  Ladies, please don’t get mad, but a man doesn’t like to be told what to do by a woman.  It’s not our fault, it’s just the way we are wired.  So I recently put my GPS in the back seat, and it felt natural.  At times, I still try to get where I think I am supposed to be going, on my own.

That happened this year.  My plans were taking me in a completely different direction.  If I had not felt in my spirit “Recalculating”, I would not currently be going where God needs me to be.  Yes, God uses GPS.  “God’s Positioning System”

It’s important to seek God’s will for your life.  You were created for a reason and a purpose.  If you submit to God’s GPS you will be happy and not frustrated when you arrive at your final destination.  I hope and pray your final destination, is heaven.

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To: You

jesus-gift-tagMy child, know that on this Christmas morning, I have given you my greatest gift.  It may not be what you wanted, but I know, it is what you need.  I have given my all to you.  I have not held back anything for myself.

Oh how I desire that you could see, or measure how much I love you, but even infinity is not big enough to contain it.  My hope is that you will accept my gift.  Please don’t put it away and forget about it, or never read the instruction book that I provided, and please don’t try to return it!

Know that if you accept my gift then we can be together forever.  Also know that everything required to be with me for eternity I have provided.  There is nothing you need to do, or can do.  No rules to follow, no level of goodness required, and it doesn’t matter what you have done in the past.  I made you.  I know you.  I want more than anything to have a relationship with you, and I can, if you will simply unwrap the gift I have given you and accept it.

What is this gift?  My son.  My only son.  It’s the gift that reads, “To: you    From: God”

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Does God Move You?

If you believe in God and believe in him to lead you and guide you, have you ever stopped to think just how He does that?  I think it would blow our minds right out of our skulls if we could even begin to comprehend the enormity of such a task.  You see in order for God to put us in the right place at the right time, He also has to orchestrate, not just our steps, but the movements of others thus putting everyone where they need to be at any given moment in time and space.

Some might say things just have a way of working out, while others would call an encounter a coincident.  I once heard someone say that a coincident is a small miracle where God insist on remaining anonymous!  I’m not sure, but I like the thought of that statement.  He certainly doesn’t brag when He pulls off a complicated task in just 3 moves and say, “Hey, did you see what I did there?”

But back to God, He already knows where He wants us and how many moves it will take to achieve his plan.  He knows the order of events that must take place, and to think all of this isn’t just for your life, but He also does this for everyone who has surrendered their life to him.  Sometimes we wonder why certain things we ask God for take so long to happen.  I assure you if you tried to make things happen in your life it would take much longer, because we cannot move others to where we might want them.  Those others do not surrender their lives to us.  And then, and then when we do try to make things happen and wind up going in the wrong direction for a while God is still able to get us back on his path.  I assure you we do not surprise God, or throw him any curve balls.  He knows, so He has already taken into account how many more moves it will take.  This is why it is important to remember to let God move you!