Current Projects

I wrote my first book titled, “Authentic Ministry“.  It is about a type of ministry that touches the heart.  It came from my experience as a youth minister.  Lessons learned (usually the hard way), but several because I leaned on God to provide me with wisdom concerning ministry, and the Holy Spirit’s power to help me carry out God’s plans.  Being my first book written it needs a lot of work.  I am in the process of editing it.

Another book I have written is titled, “Encounter with Jesus“.  It’s the first hand stories of those that had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.  Obviously it is historical fiction, but it is interesting to ponder such things as, how did they get to this point?  What happened after the story in the bible ended?  I am going to pick this book up again soon, get it edited, and then submit for publication.

I have finished my first novel titled, “Kill the Preacher Man“.  It’s about a young man who has the gift of faith and the gift of healing.  He enters ministry after praying for a young woman and her broken leg is instantly restored.  Reactions are mixed to what God is doing through him.  This book has been edited and will be out for consideration for publishing the week of Nov. 12th, 2017.

I try to post a new blog every weekend.  With God’s help I have met that commitment with the exception of two weeks.  I am encouraged to keep this up, because of the comments I hear publicly or privately that show me God is using this blog to convey His love and concern to His people.

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