“Kill The Preacher Man” is a modern day novel about 30 year old Jeremiah Crowley, whose gift of faith and healing launches a revival in America.  Like Jesus, signs and wonders follow him when he ministers. A Chicago news reporter, Caroline Roberts, is dispatched to investigate why a church meeting is causing a traffic jam. Her coverage, of the incident, propels her to disprove this modern day Jesus. When that attempt failed, her disdain for God reaches a boiling point erupting in her putting out a contract on his life. Will she succeed in killing the preacher man, stopping the revival, and stopping God?

Kill The Preacher Man is now available to purchase. The book, tax, and shipping comes to $23.00 I am not setup to take payments online yet, but you can mail your check to: Mark Brady, 7331 S Olympia Ave #115, Tulsa, OK 74132-1849

I am one of the contributors to, “Abba’s Heart”. 31 stories of God’s love for his children.
It’s one book in a series from Cross River Media and will be out June 7, 2022. You can order the book soon at:

This is the third book, I have either written or contributed, to get published this year. I wrote a story for Guideposts three years ago. A story of finding comfort from heaven after a loved one had passed away. I wrote about my father.

“God’s Comforting Ways – True Stories & Reflections of Divine Assurance” can be ordered by calling Guideposts customer service and asking for it M-F, 8–6 EST (800) 932-2145

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