God’s Top Ten List

The Ten

  1. No other Gods before me.
    I’m to be your first priority.
  2. Nothing should be your idol.
    Keep your life pure.
  3. Don’t use my name when cussing.
    Understanding this can bring humility.
  4. Keep Sundays Holy.
    Resting one day a week is a wonderful thing.
  5. Honor your father and mother.
    Doing so will bless your life.
  6. Killing is not good.
    Love is a much better way.
  7. Committing adultery tears people apart.
    Learning intimacy will bring people together.
  8. Don’t take what isn’t yours.
    If you do, you’ll never learn to trust.
  9. Lying is a bad idea.
    Honesty is always the way to go.
  10. You shouldn’t want what isn’t yours.
    Contentment brings peace to your life.

God didn’t come up with these 10 commandments to make your life miserable.  He didn’t do it so we would become “religious”, and start a bunch of denominations with a list of “rules” to live by.  He gave us these principles, to live by, so we could relate to him better, and with each other.

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Dear Heavenly Mother?

Am I the only one who has ever wondered why Jesus only has a Father?  I have wondered ever since I was a child.  Sorry, but I don’t know the answer.  I know Mary was his earthly mother, but a heavenly mother?  I got nothing.

Mom 1I have an earthly mother.  (Pictured to the left with my granddaughter)  I learned a lot from her.  Like the joy of going barefoot.  To appreciate a good movie.  How to smile when you let someone have what they want over what you want.  Today is the day to honor mothers.  For some, that can be very difficult.  Perhaps their mother didn’t exhibit the perfect love God intended.  There could be lots of reasons for this, but maybe their mother did the best she could, considering who she was, at that time.  Who knows what she was really going through then.  Possibly they were hurt, angry, or even disappointed about the cards life had dealt her.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not excusing her behavior, I’m only trying to help you think of her instead of your feelings.  One thing I know to be true though is this, no matter how your mother was, God is still asking you to honor her.  It’s a commandment with no conditions, no loop holes, and no way out of doing it.  I pray on this Mother’s Day you do your best, for where you are, at this time, to do just that.  Honor your mother.  Doing so honors your Heavenly Father.

Copyright © 2017 Mark Brady, All rights reserved