endorsedMany of you are probably familiar with the popular social network of Linked in.  This is where you create a profile of your professional life.  Your skills, certifications, education, etc.  Then you may “link” with other people you know, and who know you and of your experience.  One of the features of this website is your connections “endorsing” you.  Verifying to prospective employers that you have these skills.

As I read an email this past week notifying me that I have been endorsed for an IT skill the thought crossed my mind, “Would these same individuals “endorse” me to enter heaven?”  In other words, have I demonstrated the skills, gifts and lifestyle that would cause them to say, “Yes, I endorse Mark to be allowed into heaven.”  I certainly hope I faithfully live the kind of life that would allow them and anyone else to say this.

Would you be endorsed for heaven?