Running Out of Bread

It’s Sunday morning.  After getting out of bed and opening up my eyes BreadI realized, “I’m hungry!”  I proceeded into the kitchen to make breakfast when I became aware, “I had run out of bread”.  I hate that feeling of realization when you are all set to do something and you don’t have what you need to do it, and you have to go get it.  This morning’s alternative was to cook cheeseburgers, (which I almost did) or go hungry, so I went to the store.  Even if I had made the cheeseburgers I would still be out of bread.

It was on the drive back home I had the realization that some people run out of bread all the time.  They run out of the “Bread of Life”.  Jesus said in John 6:48, “I am the Bread of Life”.  How do they do this?  They stop going to church.  They stop reading their bible.  They stop hanging out with their Christian friends.  Not all at once of course, but little by little.  Satan’s deceptions don’t happen overnight!  It is a slow process of time that he works on you in order to take over your mind.  You see all he wants is to kill, steal, and destroy anything, or anyone that God has made or loves, and that includes you.

The hard to believe part of this is when these people get hungry, they don’t run to the store meaning to the church, but they start trying to satisfy their hunger with the things of the world which satan has now convinced them is okay.

So go get some bread.  It’s free, because Jesus has already paid the price for you by dying on the cross.  Partake of the Bread of Life all you want.  It does a body good.