I Just Met God

Do you remember what it’s like to meet someone for the first time?  Especially if that someone is of the opposite sex?  You begin to talk to them.  You find yourself wanting to know more and more about them.  You start thinking about them almost every waking moment.  You can’t wait to see them, and moments after you leave their presence you begin to immediately miss them.  You long within yourself to hear their voice again, and see their face.  This person has become important to you, and you to them.  Your heart screams with excitement.  When the phone rings you call out, “I hope it is them!”

As I have decided within the last year to start dating again, I have had this experience several times.  At least up until that point when one or the other makes a determination that the other is not the “one” for them.  That is not a good feeling.  Feeling rejected, or having to say, “I no longer want to pursue a relationship with you.”  Jerry Seinfeld so famously put it like this, “It’s not you it’s me!”

Couples who have been together a long time say things like, “Oh, we still love each other, but the fire is no longer there.”  That’s a sad statement.  Why can’t the fire be turned up year after year?  It does take work.  Hard work!  Someone has to go out and cut down a tree, and haul the wood to the home, and then add another log to the fire.  And then, and then there are times when the fire has to be stoked!  I really don’t know what “stoking” a fire is, but in a marriage relationship it sounds like it could be fun.

Then there is God, our relationship with him.  Is it new and exciting?  Or has the fire almost gone out?  Can you wait to see him again?  Do you get excited and long to be in his presence?  Or do you say, “I still love him, it’s just not the same as when I first got to know him.”  I want to stay excited about God.  I want my love and longing for him to grow year after year.  I want the fire to be roaring in my heart when it comes to God and the things of God.  I want to always act like I have just met God.

Today He Visited

The subject of being in the very presence of God has always intrigued me.  To think that God is in your midst; wow!  In the Old Testament whenever the priest would go into the portion of the temple known as the Holy of Holies he would tie a rope around his waist, and wear a bell, so if he was found “unclean” by God and died then the other priest could pull his body out from behind the thick curtain.  (By the way, the very moment that Jesus died on the cross that curtain was ripped from top to bottom! (See Mark 15:38)  That means there is nothing separating us from God now.)

I have strived to live a life worthy of having God in my midst.  I have accomplished that from time to time.  Fortunately, now that Jesus has died for our sins, I don’t have to tie a rope around my waist, or wear a bell!  Yesterday was one of those days.  I felt God’s presence all day long as I went about my day taking care of the things in life.  Each time I felt his presence I smiled, and prayed, and chatted with him.  This isn’t saying I consider myself super spiritual, but I desire his presence.  I seek it.  The presence of GodIt is in the presence of God I find comfort, strength, and direction.  There is nothing like talking to the one who loves you more than anything else!  The one big enough to create this earth, and everything in it, and then set it in order, but small enough to make you feel like you are the only one he has to talk to.  I’m glad yesterday I could say, “Today he visited.”

Have I Become One of Those?

This is so embarrassing!  I even hate to say.
I just bought a smart phone, just the other day.
I didn’t think I needed one.  I felt I was in touch,
Now I can’t imagine life without knowing this much!

Knowing everything is an addiction, an unquenchable thirst.
Now I see why everyone is walking around with their heads down which is worse!
I’m right here in front of you!  Please talk to me!
Who cares what others are doing?  Does it matter you see?

We have this thing called “social media” yet no one will talk,
Even while with a friend they’re reading Facebook as we walk.
Where is all this knowledge taking us?  Leading us on?
Will I be alone on my death bed, and tweet, “I’m gone!”?

If Jesus lived in this time would people go hear?
Would he tweet his followers he loves so dear?
Would his ministry be the same without being in their presence?
Would he post what he had to eat at Mary Magdalene’s residence?

I am already fighting this addiction to know.
To reach another level on Candy Crush before I go!
I see the danger looming it can eat up a lot of time.
It could replace moments with God which wouldn’t be fine.

So I desire to use social media to be social with friends.social media
So they know at least someone cared about them in the end.
I will be the master of my phone instead of its slave;
I will first see what God wants me to do with my day.

So lookout Facebook, Twitter and more,
I won’t let you use me like a social whore.
I will try my best to fight what I oppose;
I will not become one of those.

Who’s Waiting On Whom?

Has God called you to live a particular life?  Is He asking you to take a risk and do something for Him?  Is there something you have been praying and asking God for?  In either case have you begin to wonder, “When is it going to come about?”

In my life I want to be a full-time author.  I would like to also be out there traveling and speaking to groups of people.  Encouraging them, ministering to them, helping them to have a deeper relationship with God.  Right now I have a blog, a couple of pen pals in prison, and I do my best to connect with people via emails, and other ways to be doing what I listed above.  I have been doing things in a way so when the life I want comes about I will be ready.  For instance yesterday I had a professional head shot taken to be used as a publicity photo.  At lunch yesterday I told my friend, “I don’t know what God is waiting on, but it’s not me!” Then as our conversation turned to my friend’s life and what he wants I asked him, “Is God waiting on you?”

So what about you?  Are you in the middle of God’s will right now?  If not, what do you want God to do in your life?  What does God want to do in your life?  Is one of you waiting on the other?