1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset:

I had to look up the definition of “patience”, because it became very clear to me yesterday I have so little of it I may not even know what it is.  Now in all fairness, the level of patience I might have tends to be affected by how tired I am.  I also noticed yesterday my freedom to express my lack of patience has a lot to do with where I am, and whom I am with.

Yesterday I hurt a very dear friend of mine.  Afterwards I felt like the biggest jerk on earth asking myself, “What’s wrong with me?”  I didn’t come up with an answer at the time.  Another thing seems to be no matter what you do to make up for your words, and or actions it doesn’t go very far in making the other person feel better.

Last night while sitting in God’s house I became overwhelmed with the amount of “patience” God truly has for me.  I certainly don’t deserve it.  I was humbled.  Then it hit me how God pulls off this kind of patience.  It is with insurmountable amounts of love for me.  So how do I get more patience for others?  I develop more love.  More love for people in general, for strangers, for family, for friends, and definitely for my dear friend.

NOTE:  I was going to write a different blog this week, but I ran out of time in developing it.  Please be patient as I will try my best to have it ready for next week.  Thanks!  I love you too.

God Cares

I have often sat and wondered how the conversation went between God and his son Jesus when it came to mankind.  I imagine it might have gone something like this:

“Father, you sure you want to make man?”
“Yes son.  I am sure.  Some of them will choose to accept me, love me, worship me, and do their best to live for me even though they have never seen me.  I desire such a people.”
“But you know all of them will disobey your commandments.  Some will hate you, even curse your name, and never accept you.”
“I know.  When they do you know what we will then have to do don’t you?”
“Yes Father.  They will need a perfect sacrifice to die for them.  Otherwise they will never be able to be in your presence for you are Holy.”
“And you know who that sacrifice will have to be?”
“Yes.  Me.”
“Are you okay with that?”
“Yes Father.  I would rather not, but there is no other way.”
“Son, I and the Holy Spirit will be there with you all along the way to help you, empower you, and to keep you.”
“Father, go make man.”

Can you ijesus_in_heavenmagine?  God knew, and God knows.  It is hard for me to believe that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit did this for me and for you.  In a conversation with my mother this past week she said it so perfectly.  She said, “You’ve got to care to do it.”  Wise words that apply to so much of our lives and also to the God that made us in his own image.  He cares.  That is why He did it.

Your Scheduled Checkup

I love watching movies, and late last night one came on TV I have seen before, but enjoy.  “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks.  In the movie, toward the end of it there is an old janitor who stops a 747 with a mop.  Soon after he is surrounded by police who take aim with their guns he says, “Do you have an appointment?”  A line he had used several times in the movie.  I laughed, but then I started thinking about mankind.

Every person has an appointment coming up with God.  You didn’t make it, you can’t break it, and I promise, you won’t be late.  You will be there on time.  The appointment is a checkup.  God will look over your chart and see how you lived the life He gave you here on earth.  If you lived that life in a way that pleases Him you will enter eternity in heaven.  If not He will pronounce you terminally ill.  You will leave the appointment and enter hell to die every day for eternity.

There is another appointment coming soon.  No one knows when even the one who will be traveling.  You see there is a day and an hour that only God knows, when He will turn to His son Jesus and say something like, “Bring my children home.”  Jesus will then get up and come to earth to gather those who are alive and remain in Him.  Now that’s an appointment you can make and hopefully live a life that will allow you to keep the appointment.  You make that appointment by accepting Jesus as God’s son, and recognizing His death on the cross was to pay for your wrong doing.

Be ready for eitheIns_Cardr appointment.  Accept Jesus and then carry your insurance card with you at all times. So whether you meet Jesus in the air when He comes to get us or you die before then and you have your appointment with God you can show your insurance card and God will say, “Oh.  I see you are covered.”  In other words Jesus’ blood covers your sins, and he has already paid for your appointment in full.

What’s Your Opinion?

opinionSome would say, “I should be allowed into heaven because I am just as good as the next person.”  God might have a difference of opinion.  Others might say, “There is no God.”  God might have a difference of opinion.  Then some might say, “I know it’s a sin, but God should understand that I have needs.”  God might have a difference of opinion.  Some might even say, “Jesus was just a good teacher, or a messenger for God”, and ignore the fact He died for everyone’s sins.  Now I know for sure God might have a difference of opinion

The only opinion that really matters is God’s.  It’s not like we don’t know what God’s opinions are either.  He has written them down for us.  So in the end when you stand before Him there will be no excuse.  If you want to make sure you and God see eye to eye then learn what God’s opinions are on every aspect of your life, accept them, and then live by them.  Now that’s my opinion.