The Confession

20180618_161958Confession:  I have never been inside a confessional booth.  I grew up in a church where doing so was not part of our spiritual practice.  I am at a temple where there is one.  I am writing this blog post while sitting inside it.  Not intended, but in order to see I brought a small, but bright LED light.  It is casting such a white glow I think it scared a couple checking out the temple.

Here I sit, in this small, wooden structure.  It smells old, musty, perhaps from tears soaking the carpeted board beneath my feet.  There is carpet on the walls as well.  I guess to absorb the sound, but aren’t confessions meant to be heard?

I think there is also supposed to be a man in the booth next door.  A man to hear my sins?  My wrong doing?  What if he is actually a newspaper reporter?  Wait, when Jesus died on the cross, didn’t his selfless act of love cut out the middle man?  After all, the veil in the temple was ripped from top to bottom.  The veil that once separated man from God.  Now Jesus is our High Priest.

I guess while I am in here I might as well start talking.  Heavenly Father bless me.  It has been 23 minutes since my last confession.  You remember.  Oh, you don’t?  Then maybe I should choose to forget it also.

Now, I confess all my sins.  The ones that denied you, dissatisfied you, destroyed me and demolished others.  The sins that dishonored you, discomforted you.  The ones that would disqualify me from your presence, if it were not for your Son.  The sins that diminished others, disgruntled my employers, and devalued my wife and children.  And don’t forget the one that deflowered me before I was with the proper one at the proper time.  The ones that delayed me from being obedient unto you and your plans.  I also confess the times I digested things that defiled my body, your temple.  The words I spoke that derailed others on track to finding you.  The times my actions denounced you.  The sins that I allowed that wound up discouraging me and damaging my faith.

Forgive me Father.  I ask for your mercy and grace.  Thank you for not deleting my name from your Book of Life.  Thank you for forgiveness, and for your Son, Jesus who gives life through his death.

Now what do I do Lord God?  “Go and sin no more.”

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Second Chances

Have you ever dsecondone something and wished that you had another opportunity to go back and handle it differently? I sure have!  I mean if I was going to make a list where would I start?  You would like to have those words back, or not gone somewhere you shouldn’t have.  Maybe not expressed your thoughts or desires to someone who had no business hearing them.  Possibly a marriage gone wrong, or the treatment of one you really loved, but your own short comings hindered you in expressing it correctly.  The list could go on, and on, and does.

So should one live a life of regret of what could have been or maybe should have been?  No.  That does no good.  The only good that can come from looking back is learning how to go forward.  How not to ever do that again.  A person should take their mistakes to the One who can forgive, heal, and help you move on.

Then there are those rare opportunities that come around every once in a while; second chances.  Sometimes we are blessed with a second chance by the One who never needed a second chance! We have an opportunity to face a situation or relationship again and this time we pray we get it right.  Have we learned?  Do we know where we went wrong the first time?  I hope so.  Take second chances when you are presented with one and make the most of it.  Make it beautiful, make it worthy of being offered to you.  Make the way you handle it this time please God.  God is the God of second chances.  He made a way for us to be cleansed of all of our wrong doings, and to try again.  Take what God has paid a high price to give you and this time do it right with His power and might, and not your own.secondchances

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