1 Thought Provoking Response

Last week’s blog post caused me to be reminded of the other side.  Once again I became aware of the people who don’t worship God, but in fact worship Satan.  They live for him, or to put it in another way, for themselves.  Right from one responder’s, of last week’s blog own website “I wish you rapid progress in becoming your own god.”  It reminded me of why Satan was removed from heaven.  I have been praying for this blogger, and then I wondered, has he been praying to Satan for me?  I know Satan tries to copy everything God has done.  He even has his own bible, but would this guy pray for my soul to go to hell instead of heaven?  Heavy thoughts have filled my mind this past week.

On his website was the mention of being an atheist.  That title has always confounded me.  Doesn’t the fact one considers themselves an atheist prove there is in fact a God?  God has to exist before one can chose not to believe in Him.  If He didn’t exist there would be no need for one to call themselves an atheist.

If there are people like this responder to my blog on the other side then I certainly need to, as Jesus commanded his disciples, “Let’s go to the other side.”  (Mark 5:1-20) go to them, not to join them, but to set them free in the name of Jesus.  In the portion of scripture noted Jesus delivered a man who had become possessed by demons.  Even those demons knew who Jesus was, for you see they were once angels.  Yes, there is a dark side to this world.  It is very real, and very dangerous.  Entering into it could cost you your life, for eternity, and as my cousin Doug once said, “That’s like a very long time.”