Call of Duty

A hurt soul needs a mender.
One rejected needs acceptance.
A depressed one needs to be encouraged.
One feeling like a waste needs to know their value.
A person struggling with an addiction needs a cheerleader.
Someone down and out needs a break.
One near the edge needs hope.
A person ill needs healing.
Someone lonely needs a friend.

peopleThe list, could go on.  The truth is, these individuals need Jesus.  Most do not think to turn to him, because they can’t see him, but they can see you.  In a time, when our world is in so much pain, those who know Jesus, and has the hope he provides, needs to answer the call of duty.

God has placed you where he needs you.  You’re the one, who can take the time, speak a word, or give a hug.  You may never know the impact of taking a risk of faith to say, go or do, but one day you will.  “Do not be afraid,” the angel of the Lord would say to you.  The more you reach out, the more you say, and the more you come along side someone, you will find it strengthens you, encourages you, and increases your faith to do more. God will lead you, as you are his servant, saving lives.

Keep one thing in mind; there was someone, just like you, who took the time to be there for you, and shared the love of Jesus with you.

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In a Moment

20160508_113818Touching a life is one of the most special things we, as humans, can ever do.  In the first book I wrote, “Authentic Ministry” (now in the process of being re-written because I tried to write it like my favorite author Max Lucado, and God whispered to me one day, “I already have a Max Lucado, write in your voice.”), so it is not out yet, but I wrote a whole chapter about touching lives, one of my favorite subjects.

There are so many ways to touch another’s life.  Through spoken words, through written words, through a song you share, sometimes the right photo, or simply reaching over and holding a hand.  The nice thing is you don’t have to be gifted, or have a doctorates’ degree in Theology.  If you are a human, you are qualified.  Just do what seems right…for that moment.

The one thing that you do need is practice to see the moments.  Many times we go too fast in life to see them, hear them, or sense them.  And they aren’t there very long, that’s why they are called “moments”.  Or worse yet we are so obsessed with our own lives to even notice someone else’s.

The other day I was talking to a coworker through our instant messaging tool.  All of sudden I sensed it.  I was in the middle of “a moment”.  This person needed to hear an encouraging word.  I shared one.  They thought God had told me to share that word with them.  I told them it came from me, but the more I thought about it I had this realization;  when one spends time with God, reads his word, talks with him through prayer you begin to really know him.  You learn his character, and you begin to take on his character.  I told my coworker this, and then went on to say, “I think if God was physically the one typing the message that is what he would have said to you.”

Don’t miss the moments.  Look hard for them.  Search them out, and then don’t be afraid to convey a message in whatever form comes natural to you.  Today, being Mother’s Day, is the perfect “moment” to share in a way God himself would.