Father’s Day 2014

Today is the special day we celebrate, or reflect on our fathers.  I have one friend who just lost hers, and a couple of cousins that lost their father recently as well.  This will no doubt be a rough day for them.  I still have my father living although he is 697 miles away.  I will be talking to him via a phone conversation.  I have two kids who live 949 miles away, so no backyard BBQ with family today.  Although I do have a nice looking steak ready to grill!

I think back; have I honored my father by the way I have chosen to live my life?  Does he think about me and smile?  Does he laugh remembering that particularly funny thing I did or said?  Or have my past choices brought about pain, and disappointment?  Most likely some of both.

Then I think about my heavenly Father.  Have I honored him? Do I honor Him?  Do my life choices bless Him?  Do I make Him smile when I get it right?  I had to make a hard life choice just the other day.  After I made the right choice I looked up and asked Him, “Are you happy, because I’m not!”  By the next morning I knew in my heart I had made the right choice, and I quickly apologized for smarting off to God.  I know He understood, because He no doubt saw the pain in my heart.  God and I are good again.     Although I am not always 100% faithful to Him, He is always 100% there for me.  Last night at church they showed a picture of a small child’s hand in the grip of their father’s hand.  The photo made me think of my hand in God’s.  It is so comforting to know that despite my actions He never lets go.  Happy Heavenly Father’s Day God!  I’m glad you are 0 miles away.

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