License Suspended!

This past Tuesday I went to one of my favorite little Mexican establishments only to be greeted by a large fluorescent green sign stuck on the outside of the door that read, “License Suspended”.  Not a good thing to see when you go there once a week to get lunch.  Most likely they were shut down for unsafe food handling.  What I was most upset about though is I was one punch away from receiving a “free” lunch! (See image of punch card.)

This got me to thinking.  If God didLunch_Punch a surprised visit into my life would He declare me “unclean”?  If I had a license to be a Christian would He suspend it?  What would He write on His report?  Unsafe handling of thoughts?  Ignored those in need?  Quality of material coming in is below standard?

The truth is, God doesn’t have to do surprise inspections, but He is always watching everything going on at all times in my life.  I should always be living my life aware God is always watching everything coming into my life, and everything going out.  The reward of living this way would not be a free lunch, but a free eternity of life!

One thought on “License Suspended!

  1. Hi mark, glad I have a chance to read your blog. I like your writtings very much. I wish someday I can write something like you do.

    I want to write down my feelings about my life but there are some secrets that I can not publish. Now I start questioning myself what kind of life I am living on.

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