Have I Become One of Those?

This is so embarrassing!  I even hate to say.
I just bought a smart phone, just the other day.
I didn’t think I needed one.  I felt I was in touch,
Now I can’t imagine life without knowing this much!

Knowing everything is an addiction, an unquenchable thirst.
Now I see why everyone is walking around with their heads down which is worse!
I’m right here in front of you!  Please talk to me!
Who cares what others are doing?  Does it matter you see?

We have this thing called “social media” yet no one will talk,
Even while with a friend they’re reading Facebook as we walk.
Where is all this knowledge taking us?  Leading us on?
Will I be alone on my death bed, and tweet, “I’m gone!”?

If Jesus lived in this time would people go hear?
Would he tweet his followers he loves so dear?
Would his ministry be the same without being in their presence?
Would he post what he had to eat at Mary Magdalene’s residence?

I am already fighting this addiction to know.
To reach another level on Candy Crush before I go!
I see the danger looming it can eat up a lot of time.
It could replace moments with God which wouldn’t be fine.

So I desire to use social media to be social with friends.social media
So they know at least someone cared about them in the end.
I will be the master of my phone instead of its slave;
I will first see what God wants me to do with my day.

So lookout Facebook, Twitter and more,
I won’t let you use me like a social whore.
I will try my best to fight what I oppose;
I will not become one of those.

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