I Just Met God

Do you remember what it’s like to meet someone for the first time?  Especially if that someone is of the opposite sex?  You begin to talk to them.  You find yourself wanting to know more and more about them.  You start thinking about them almost every waking moment.  You can’t wait to see them, and moments after you leave their presence you begin to immediately miss them.  You long within yourself to hear their voice again, and see their face.  This person has become important to you, and you to them.  Your heart screams with excitement.  When the phone rings you call out, “I hope it is them!”

As I have decided within the last year to start dating again, I have had this experience several times.  At least up until that point when one or the other makes a determination that the other is not the “one” for them.  That is not a good feeling.  Feeling rejected, or having to say, “I no longer want to pursue a relationship with you.”  Jerry Seinfeld so famously put it like this, “It’s not you it’s me!”

Couples who have been together a long time say things like, “Oh, we still love each other, but the fire is no longer there.”  That’s a sad statement.  Why can’t the fire be turned up year after year?  It does take work.  Hard work!  Someone has to go out and cut down a tree, and haul the wood to the home, and then add another log to the fire.  And then, and then there are times when the fire has to be stoked!  I really don’t know what “stoking” a fire is, but in a marriage relationship it sounds like it could be fun.

Then there is God, our relationship with him.  Is it new and exciting?  Or has the fire almost gone out?  Can you wait to see him again?  Do you get excited and long to be in his presence?  Or do you say, “I still love him, it’s just not the same as when I first got to know him.”  I want to stay excited about God.  I want my love and longing for him to grow year after year.  I want the fire to be roaring in my heart when it comes to God and the things of God.  I want to always act like I have just met God.

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