Are You Ready For Some Football?

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  You see I like to watch football.  Last Thursday night was the kickoff of the 2014 professional football season.  I have learned how to man the remote control with such proficiency I can actually watch two games at one time on one TV.  You see it sort of works out that while one team is in a huddle on one channel on another channel they will be running a play.  When that play is over you quickly switch back to the other channel.  I usually start a regiment of exercises for my index finger in early August.  I practice this move during preseason.  I also have a backup finger just in case my starting finger gets knocked out of the game!  I love football!

I have to be careful though not to spend 10 ½ hours on Sunday’s watching football.  There are things that are way more important that need to be taken care of.  With this realization I now limit myself to only watching one game. (And a few quick peeks in on the action.)  What is more important than football?  Well, a number of things, but for me touching lives.  Today I have two letters to write to two different men who are “tenants” of their respective state.  (Inmates)  I will spend time praying for the week ahead that I will be aware of those that I encounter that may need a few more minutes of my time.  In those few minutes they may express their hurts, their fears, or what they need prayer for.  I want to be ready.  I will also plan out how I can purposely touch the lives of the ones I care about.  How I can surprise them with a word that lifts them up, put a smile on their face, lets them know they are loved, and thought of.

Touching someone’s life in a Godly manner takes time, takes practice, and takes opening your eyes to see the needs.  It means not being so self-concerned about your own needs.  You should already know your needs will be met.  In a book I am currently writing I spend a whole chapter describing ways to touch lives.  What is your favorite way to do this?

My church always considers this time of the year as the start of a new ministry season.  I tend to think that way as well.  So the question isn’t, “Am I ready for some football?” the question is, “Am I ready for some ministry?”

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