Does God Move You?

If you believe in God and believe in him to lead you and guide you, have you ever stopped to think just how He does that?  I think it would blow our minds right out of our skulls if we could even begin to comprehend the enormity of such a task.  You see in order for God to put us in the right place at the right time, He also has to orchestrate, not just our steps, but the movements of others thus putting everyone where they need to be at any given moment in time and space.

Some might say things just have a way of working out, while others would call an encounter a coincident.  I once heard someone say that a coincident is a small miracle where God insist on remaining anonymous!  I’m not sure, but I like the thought of that statement.  He certainly doesn’t brag when He pulls off a complicated task in just 3 moves and say, “Hey, did you see what I did there?”

But back to God, He already knows where He wants us and how many moves it will take to achieve his plan.  He knows the order of events that must take place, and to think all of this isn’t just for your life, but He also does this for everyone who has surrendered their life to him.  Sometimes we wonder why certain things we ask God for take so long to happen.  I assure you if you tried to make things happen in your life it would take much longer, because we cannot move others to where we might want them.  Those others do not surrender their lives to us.  And then, and then when we do try to make things happen and wind up going in the wrong direction for a while God is still able to get us back on his path.  I assure you we do not surprise God, or throw him any curve balls.  He knows, so He has already taken into account how many more moves it will take.  This is why it is important to remember to let God move you!

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