The Rev

I have a friend whom God uGod Speaks 2ses to speak truth into my life.  Many times the words that God speak through her are very hard to hear, but direct, on the mark.  Recently I was complaining to her concerning an email I had received from a manager that I work with.  The email was implying that I wasn’t consistently doing my job.  I replied to this email with some very direct words and I even put one in ALL CAPS!  Yes, I know, I yelled through written words.

My friend had told me how wrong my reply was and why.  I proceeded to explain to my friend why I was so upset by the email as I work hard and take great pride in my work, and in this case the accusation was obviously an error.  My friend simply said the words of God when she said, “Then you should take great pride in your response as well.”  Ouch!  She was right, because God is always right, See why I call her, “The Rev?”

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