Letting Go

I was at my eye doctor’s office this past week for a follow up visit to some recent treatments.  One of the things they needed to do was take some pictures of both eyes.  It was while I was getting those pictures taken that I heard probably the best example of what real faith is.

Andy, the eye photographer, told me that when he was much younger he went parachuting.  He said that he only went three times, but that is still three more times than I have.  He told how back then they would connect your rip cord to a static line so when you get far enough away from the plane it would tighten and thus pull the cord that would cause your chute to open.  So that only left two things for him to do.

1) Step outside of a perfectly capable airplane of landing to the little 2×4 connected to the bottom of a wing support.

2)  The hardest part: Let go of the wing.

He told me he was scared like crazy!  Not exactly his words, but I think you get the point.  He informed me that the hardest thing to do was letting go of the wing.  He said as he was going 120 mph out there on the wing thoughts would run through his mind, “Who packed my chute?”  “Did they do it right?”  But no matter what came to his mind, he did it.  He let go.

Yes, Andy is right.  This is one of the best examples we have of faith.  When we are faced with a situation that is bigger than us there are a lot of things we can do, but none is better than “letting go” and trust in God.  If you happen to be faced with one of those kinds of situations do what Andy did; “Let go.”

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