The Word

This week I am going for the third year in a row to a Christian Writer’s conference.  I have been asked why do I write, and their other question was what qualifications do I have to write about Christian living?  Well, I haven’t gone to school to learn how to write, but it does seem as if there has been an emphasis on writing in my education.  Also I enjoy the process of creating something with words that wasn’t there before.  After all, we are made in God’s image and He gave us the ability to create.  To answer the second question it seems as if a lot of people won’t read the Bible, but God still wants to communicate His truths and love to them, so He directs individuals to write as He so leads.

I feel as if I am one of those individuals.  I always ask God what He wants to say this week.  After all He knows who will be reading the blog that particular week.  I pray for those readers that somehow the words they read will encourage them, lift them up, and help them know God.

So you see each week this blog is for you, the reader, and it’s not just words, but it comes with thoughts and prayers about you and for you.  So I go to the conference to learn how to communicate better “The Word.”

One thought on “The Word

  1. Mark, this week’s post is especially significant for me. It was sometime in 2014 that you and I talked at a Willow Creek Section 206 gathering and somehow we got into a conversation on “writing”. You told me about the Christian writer’s conference and here we are, in June 2015, attending that conference. You really inspired me to give it a try and it has been a great investment for me.
    I have really enjoyed the chance to share this event with you. You have been my Paul and have taken extraordinary steps to make sure I had all the information I need to make this a great conference. Thanks for that Mark. I’m not sure what God has in store for either of us in our “writing careers” but I am anxious to see where this goes. As we discussed today, it’s our job to be available and to do what we can to reach others with our writing. Your Blog is a huge step in that direction and I commend you for your passion and diligence in being vulnerable and relevant. Keep it up.

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