5 Reasons Satan Loves You

Okay, climb back into your seat and take a look at why Satan loves you.

  1. Satan loves you, because as a “Christian” you judge those who have not accepted Jesus to be Lord of their life. You hurt them, and actually push them further away from the Truth who wants to set them free.  A “disciple” of Christ would leave the judging to God, and love them as they are.
  1. Satan loves you, because you take your freedom in Christ Jesus too far. Perhaps you are doing something that you don’t feel is hurting you, but it causes some others who see you, or hear you do this to stumble.  They stumble because they think a person with your beliefs shouldn’t be doing this.  Yes, they are judging you, but they don’t know it’s wrong to do so.
  1. Satan loves you, because you allow him to distract you from spending time with God. You are not reading God’s words and you’re not spending enough time in communication with your Heavenly Father.  Doing so might just reveal how or where Satan attacks you.
  1. Satan loves you, because you think you are strong enough to do life without the ongoing support of fellow believers. You think you don’t need to take the time to be with the rest of the heard of your local church.  Your alone, on the outside and become easy prey for him to pick off.
  1. Satan lovesman_on_fire you, because you don’t love enough those that are at risk of living eternity in hell to do something about it. Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas puts it this way, “You wouldn’t drive home and see that your neighbor’s house is on fire and pull into your garage and say, “Someone else will call the fire department.””  He goes on to say, “Your neighbor’s house isn’t on fire.  Your neighbor is!”

Live the kind of life as a true disciple of Christ that causes Satan to hate you not love you.  You should be his enemy, not his best buddy.

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