A Lot of Noise

There are a lot of prophets (so called men of God) out there right now making a lot of noise.  Have you ever considered where they get the stuff they are saying?  Do they truly hear from God, or from themselves?  I have been reading from the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament of the Bible.  I came across some interesting verses I feel speak to us today.

A Message from GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies: “Don’t listen to the sermons of the prophets. It’s all hot air. Lies, lies, and more lies. They make it all up. Not a word they speak comes from me.
They preach their ‘Everything Will Turn Out Fine’ sermon to congregations with no taste for God, Their ‘Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen to You’ sermon to people who are set in their own ways.
“Have any of these prophets bothered to meet with me, the true GOD? Bothered to take in what I have to say? Listened to and then lived out my Word? (Jer. 23:16-18  MSG)

The only real way to know if a man of God is speaking truth from God’s word is to…are you ready for this?  Know God’s word for yourself.  Read it daily if you can.  Your eternal life may depend on doing so.  The truth is everything might not turn out okay.  We live in a sin filled world, but I would rather go through pain and heart ache in life with God than without any day.

Jonathan Gainsbrugh once said, “Read your bible.  It will scare the hell out of you!”

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