3 Mini Blogs – Twitter Style

  1.  Touching Lives

The other day I sent a “Thank you” note to one of my co-workers who likes to celebrate people and their lives / achievements.  She also is the first one to head a campaign to gather items for the less fortunate.  In my thank you I mentioned I appreciated her heart.  Then I took a risk.  I also said, I celebrate who God has made you to be.  Why was this risky?  Well, from her own mouth I get the very strong indication that she is not living for God.  Yet she expresses love for others more than some Disciples of Christ that I know.  She wrote back that the note “warmed her heart.”  Was a seed planted?  Was the door to Jesus cracked opened?  I hope so.  Take time to touch lives.

  1. The Cost

I just opened a bag of snacks.  My new crave, “Snyder’s” flavored pretzel pieces.  Something a lot of writers do.  We tell ourselves it helps keep the creativity flowing.  After I Synders 128x160opened the bag I looked at the price.  I said to myself, I paid 3.69 for this small bag?  WOW!  Although they are really good.  Then it made me think, do we consider the cost before everything we do and say?  I hope so.  Everything we do and say affects something, or someone else.  Is it worth it?  Will the cost to fix it be more if it is wrong?  Can it even be fixed?  Maybe not, but when we turn it over to Jesus it can always be forgiven.  Count the cost.  (I had to get a drink because, “These pretzels are making me thirsty!” Jerry Seinfeld)

  1. Tired of Religion?

This is Labor Day weekend 2015.  Are you tired?  Are you resting?  Are you tired of rubbing against the daily grind?  Tired of fighting an uphill battle?  What about fighting “religious rules”?  You will never get it perfect.  You will never be able to satisfy a list of “Do and Don’ts” to get into heaven.  That is why Jesus said in Matthew 11:28 (MSG) “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest.”  Jesus is saying, just get to know me.  Have a relationship with me.  Doing so does not tire you out.  It is not a struggle.  It’s not a “religion” or being “religious”, but having a personal “relationship” with Jesus.

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