The Silent Treatment?

In being forth coming I have struggled in deciding what to write in this week’s blog.  This past week seemed extra-long, extra hard, and extra emotional.  I have considered being silent this week.  When that thought crossed my mind I started thinking about when God is silent.  Sometimes it’s hard enough to maintain belief in a God that you can’t see, but believing anyway increases your faith.  There are times when something is going on, you pray, but you don’t hear a reply.  Does that mean God didn’t hear you?  Do you feel it is your fault?  Is it because there may be sin in your life?

You should know, or remember that God is not too busy.  He never sleeps, but instead he is always aware of you, and your needs.  So what is going on during these times of silence?  Well perhaps God is answering your request.  Your request may be complex requiring more time for God to direct people into their proper places where your need can be met.  God may be speaking to you, but speaking in a language you are not aware of…like sign language.  Perhaps you have yet to see what God is doing upon your behalf.  When you ask God to move upon your behalf, be patient.  Let God be God and answer your request His way.  You will be glad you did, and you will no doubt say in the end, “Oh!  I see what you did there God.  Good job.  Thank you.”

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