God, I Need You!

sin.001[1]“Quick, God I need your helping hand.  The last decent person just went down.”  This quote is from my daily scripture reading this past week in Psalms chapter 12 verse 1.  (“The Message“(MSG) translation by Eugene Peterson.)  After I read that verse I paused and wondered, am I a decent person?  Also I had the thought, what would cause me to go down?  Probably my go to sin.  You know it.  The one Satan uses most often to trip me up, to pull me away from God.  To be honest if my actions today were the only ones used to answer that question then the answer would be, “No!”

Fortunately for me, and for all of us, God forgives us of our transgressions when we ask, and He “chooses” to remember them no more.  I hope He chooses to not remember today’s words and actions rather quickly.  I am so blessed to have such a loving heavenly Father.  He made me, therefore he understands me.  Now I am just crying out to God the first part of verse 1, “Quick, God I need your helping hand.”  I really do need His help to someday (soon I hope) learn to face my go to sin and turn away.  Thank you Father, for though I am not always faithful to you, you’re always faithful to me.

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