Who’s Remembered?

“If I hear you died, I would only cry one hour”, says my ex-girlfriend.  Gees, was I that bad?  I can’t explain it, but going on a big trip makes me think of death.  It makes me think of the people who are, or have been in my life.  If the worst happens how will I be remembered?  Will the thought of me bring a smile or a few “choice” words?

What about you?  If you left the lives of those you do life with today, how would you be remembered tomorrow?

Those that did life with Jesus never forgot him.  Never stopped being a witness of his love, his mercy, his grace and his power.

The truth is, one isn’t likely to die on a big trip, but can just as easily die during the process of living life in a very predictable way.  The point here then is to live that predictable life in an unpredictable manner.

Live it in a way that causes those around you and those who encounter you toth
sit up and take notice that there is something indeed different about you.  So strikingly different they inquire of what sets you apart from the rest of humanity they live with.  Then you will have the incredible opportunity to be a witness of Jesus and his love, his mercy, his grace and his power.

The main goal of my life is this:  It’s okay if people don’t remember me when I die, but I hope they never forget the One (Jesus) I tried my best to live for, and smile.

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