In the Hospital

IMG_6184I’m writing this week’s blog from the hospital. It’s okay, because I’m not the one admitted, although some would argue that I should be, or is that, “committed”? Anyway, I am a proud grandpa of my first grandchild. Eleanor (Ellie) was born Thursday evening, but her birth was a journey in itself.

At first, after mom was induced, she refused to come out. Come on, who could blame her? Water bed, room service, carried around everywhere, not a bad life. Then she must have heard a loud voice say they were going to come in and get her using entrance “C”. She probably thought that didn’t sound like a good idea, because she instantly said goodbye to her room of the last 8 months and 1 week and looked for that glowing exit sign.

She came out, but brought the cord that connected her to life for the past months with her wrapped around her neck. Instantly it was cut and they rushed her into the NICU. They first said she would be in the hospital for several days, but it looks like this morning, three days after being born she will get to go home.

From the time my daughter was told to head for the hospital immediately during a routine baby checkup till today many prayers have been prayed, and God heard them, and God responded. He answered the prayer that mom and baby be okay through this ordeal. He answered the prayer that she would exit my daughter’s body naturally. He answered a lot of prayers that she would pull through the darkness of night. He answered the prayers that she wouldn’t die, and there was one point in her first night they had to resuscitate her. He answered the prayers that she grow stronger by the hour, and that her color would stop making her look like a new form of Smurfs.

My point today is simply this: God hears, God cares, and God answers. You may not get the answer you wanted and I certainly cannot explain why, but this I do know; God’s ways are higher than our ways. That is why it takes faith. Not just faith for the answered prayers, but faith for trust in God when they are not answered. Remember this though: If you are going to pray for rain then at least grab an umbrella before you leave the house.

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