The Name of God

A young boy was asked what God’s name is
by his church school of God
The boy replied, “Howard.”
The teacher surprised asked, “Howard?”
“Yes.  Our Father who art in heaven “Howard” be thy name…”
You laugh, but be assured one day the young man will know God’s name is not “Howard”.

I was reading Psalms 83 this past week and I came across a portion of scripture (13-18) that seemed very harsh.  The one who penned the words wanted such harm and destruction to come to a certain group of people, in such a way, so the only result of these events is they would finally know the name of God.

That portion of scripture got me to thinking, what would it take in some people’s lives before they would know the name of God.  Before they would recognize how much He desires for them to know Him.  That He longs for their company, and His heart aches to hear their voice speak to Him.  That He wants to help them get through this life which at time can be so difficult, because Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy anything and everything that is of God.

If you don’t know God’s name ask Him.  He will tell you His name in such a loving way your heart will be expanded like you have never thought possible.  You will walk around with this enormous joy, and others who see you may wonder what you have to smile about.  I pray they ask, so you can experience what it is like to tell someone God’s name.

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