Finding Your Way

Finding Your WayYou run to work.  You run home.  You run to gatherings.  You run to family events.  You are always running, somewhere, but do you ever feel …”lost”?  Do you ever ask yourself, is there more?

I have recently “unplugged” from life feeling perhaps I wasn’t on the right road.  I’m one who usually is very confident about where I am going.  So much so I tell my GPS where to go, but yet I was feeling like I needed to for a few days, (94 Days) a season, pull over, and yes ask for directions.  I was in need of finding my way.  Perhaps re-calculating.

The best source I have found for asking directions when it comes to life is God.  God hasn’t showed up yet to give me my destination, but He has made it very clear I was right by pulling over.  I was reading from the book of Psalms last week from “The Message”, and I could identify with the writer.  I looked and it was chapter 94.  I was at my writer’s conference two weeks ago and I liked what one of the speakers read from her book, so I bought it.  It turns out to be, “Finding Your Way” by Jane Rubietta.  The short daily devotionals have been amazing.  Then this very morning, again reading from “The Message” Psalms 101 I read this:

Psa 101:2  I’m finding my way down the road of right living, but how long before you show up?

God is truly amazing.  If you are feeling uneasy, perhaps lost, pull over.  Ask for directions, but be sure to seek those directions from God, and not some other place where anyone can tell you where to go who doesn’t really know you.  God knows you.  He knows where He desires you to be.  He created all of us for more.  More to life.  More of Him.  You will find God, in finding your way.

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