Church Windows

Gothic church window“I was reared in church.  The whole family went every Sunday morning.  I heard the stories, I heard the sermons, but I don’t feel I got anything out of it,” said my friend.  “Many times I would wonder, if there really was a God would He hear me?  As I got older and became aware of family problems I would watch how my father would question his faith, but my mother, hers seemed to strengthen.  I found it all so confusing.  Then there were the times I would look out the church windows and see my friends having fun.  I wanted to have fun, so I quit going.”

“Life has now come and gone.  A lot of time has passed, but I never once looked inside the church windows.  I felt I was doing life just fine on my own.  Just as good as the next guy.”

I spoke to my friend about the difference in going to church, having a “religion” with God to having a “relationship” with God.  I explained to him how “religion” is man’s way to God, but a “relationship” is God’s way to man, which is why it works.

I invited him to accept Jesus, and begin a “relationship” and to ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins.  He said he wasn’t sure.  Then I said these words, “My friend, heaven won’t be the same without you…but hell will.”

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