If God…

c2gpic1If God healed me of one of my issues, there would be no reason to go to the doctor who is treating me for that issue.  The truth is though that doctor is searching for God.  Over the last two years I have developed a safe and trusted relationship with him as I listen to his thoughts, and opinions and he listens to mine.  If God healed me, who would be there to share the gospel with him?  Sure, God could send a new patient, but building that relationship takes time.  Also, would the next patient be open to share God?

If God provided all the money I would ever need, all at one time, would I continue to rely on him to meet my every need?  There was one time I was asking God for money to pay off a credit card and a small loan.  I sensed He asked me, “How much money do you need today?”  I thought about it and said, “Well, actually all the monthly bills have been paid and there is food in the kitchen and gas in the car.”  Then God said, “Then why are you asking me for money today?  I will provide as you have need.”

How you respond, when you need God to move in your life, is a benchmark of your trust in him.

If God showed you your spouse before it was time what do you think would happen?  I tend to think you would contact them and make a mess of things and not wind up together.  Why?  Because it wasn’t time.

If God told you about losing your job in advance, most would put matters in their own hands and go get a new job before it was time.  That sounds like good planning, but it robs you of the opportunity to act on your faith.  The Lord God almighty, might lead you to a better job making even more money than the job you found.

Yes, there are times when God acts on your behalf before you need it, or does tell you what is about to happen before it does, but most of the time He knows it is best to let these things happen to you and then see how you react to them.

Faith isn’t built in a time of need, but displayed.

God can do anything, at any time.  Knowing that is why we need to trust him and his timing.  God loves it when his child, who is walking through a very dark time in their life, reaches over and takes hold of his hand.  There’s no reason to say, “If God…”, but there is every reason to say, “God, I need you.”

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9 thoughts on “If God…

    • Thank you for the kind words. With every post, I pray and ask God, “What do you want to say?” To be honest, I was wondering if I had missed it in today’s post. With the “Likes” this post has received and now with your comment, I know I heard correctly. That encourages me. Right now, I pray over you and release angels to minister to you, in Jesus name. Blessings

      • Thankyou! Much needed, our youngest son,19 esp needs it. Blind, and coping with post seizure meds side effects. He’s getting better, and the Lords grace grows stronger in our weakness, but thankyou for that prayer. Will share it with my family. The Lord reward you.

      • You have been brave in sharing more specific words what the need is. I am currently reading and studying a book with a group in my church. The book is titled, “Seeing Angels” by Joshua Mills. I am learning, via the book, how to work with angels, meaning, when I pray, I now ask Jesus to release and activate angels to go to the need. I pray those words “out loud”. Now that you have shared openly, I prayed and asked for healing angels to be sent to your son, and comforting angels to be sent to the other members of the family. I believe your honesty and openness will be counted to you as great faith. For God’s glory!

  1. Love this! Trust, faith: Attributes God is looking for in his children. Without faith we cannot please him. One time in my life when I was so frustrated, I cried to God that I did not trust myself. He tenderly replied, “I never said to trust yourself. Trust ME.” That was huge for me!!! Yes, one day at a time. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you, Brother Mark. This was a much-needed reminder for me. Although I have a perfectly fine job, I have interviewed for others recently. So far all but one have declined to hire me. Each “rejection” hits me harder than I expect it to. My head keeps telling me God is in control and He knows (and provides) what I need. But my flesh reacts with despondency. So – thank you! This is the word I needed to hear (read).

    • Thank you for sharing. I love it when God loves on his children. It is so hard for us to see and understand what God is doing, but if He is talking to you through others, who “don’t” know what you are going through, then that is proof that God knows your heart and He sees your needs. I pray for you now. I stand in agreement now with you. I release and activate several angels in your life right now. Angels to guide you, comfort you, minister to you, for divine connections, and provisioning angels to meet your needs. Be blessed brother.

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