Stop the Presses!

You don’t have to watch the news very long to see there are a lot of problems, issues, and concerns in the world.  It can be over whelming at times.  Then, you take a look at your own life, and you may have similar concerns.

Doing life with God certainly helps.  It doesn’t prevent problems, those are around us due to sin in the world, but being in a loving relationship with God helps us cope with the problems.

While working on this post I listened to a message by, Craig Groeschel, lead pastor of Life Church.  His message was titled, “Write Your Own Headlines”.  It was message on how to change your perspective of the events currently happening locally and around the world.  In a nut shell, he encouraged people to take a headline, and learn to rewrite it with a positive, Godly spin on it. You can do this for headlines in your own life as well.  Pastor Craig did such a great job conveying what I started out attempting to say I thought I would simply provide you with a link to his message.

Enjoy the message, but more importantly, apply the principles within it. You’ll feel better.

Copyright © 2021 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Stop the Presses!

    • Today has been a real test of my faith. I have had several opportunities today, and actually this week to put into practice this blog post.. I think I will go with this one, “Neither April nor I, were hurt in auto accident, caused by irresponsible driver”

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