Post-it notes are great!  I depend on them and use them all the time for several different things. Not only are they good for jogging your memory, which I need a lot, but I have also used them as bookmarks amongst other things.

Another thing they are good for is to post a message in front of you that you see every day! I know some will post messages to encourage themselves every morning, or to help them remember just how important they are to God, and if He loves them, then they should love themselves as well. Others might write out scriptures to memorize.

Lately, as I have mentioned before, I am trying to renew my mind so it will change how I react to people with one or more of the fruits of the Spirit. A Post-it wasn’t going to be big enough, so I used the magnetic letters on our refrigerator. Messages to ourselves should be posted where we go often, hence the refrigerator! We only have two sets of letters, so April and I had to get creative on how to list most of the 9 fruits. The last one in the list is “patience”.

It’s working. I see and am reminded of the different fruits and I do think of them when I have the occasion to operate in them, which when dealing with people is often. So let me encourage you to take the time to post in front of you the words, the message you need to see as much as it takes until they become a part of you, and live within you. Words, written or spoken are powerful, even the ones on Post-its!

Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Prov. 18:21 (MSG)

Copyright © 2022 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

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