Just Try to Stop Me!

Photo by: Rodolfo Clix

I was in a college speech class. There were no women, so the language and topics could be crude, even from the professor. One week our assignment was a free subject talk. God asked me to share about Him, his son, Jesus, and explain salvation. I was scared but wanted to be obedient, so I wrote out my talk.

Two days before I was scheduled to give my talk, I developed a nasty sore in my throat. My great-grandmother rubbed Merthiolate on it with a long Q-Tip. It wasn’t going away, so I scheduled a doctor’s visit. Yep, my appointment was on the same day and time I was to give my talk. (Ummm, Satan?)

I took my notes with me the day before, and as it turned out, the guy seated in front of me was not prepared to give his talk. I suggested to the professor that I give my talk in his place as I would not be there the next day. He pondered, then agreed. So I got up and preached my first sermon. Silence until the professor said, “Well, Amen!”

“I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” 1 Cor. 3:6 (NIV)

Even though we may be fearful of the opinions of men, what they think of us, it is better to obey God and not think twice about our reputation. Planting seeds and watering those seeds is so important. Without those two steps, there could be no harvest. We cannot know the results of our actions as farmers for God until we get to heaven!

Oh! The following day I canceled my appointment as my nasty soar was gone, as well as any signs of it!

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