The Day Before

While talking to a co-worker this last week she said she was most excited about “the day before” her last day of work.  I thought the phrase sounded odd until she explained.  “The day before my last day will be the greatest, because on that day I will know that “tomorrow” is my last day to get up and go to work.”

After our conversation I begin to think about those three words: “The day before”.  I seriously pondered what mine would be.  It wouldn’t be before my last day at work, but it would have to be the day before my last day on earth.  You see if I could know what my last day on earth would be then I would have the realization that the day before would be the last day I would have to fight the evil one, fight my flesh, and deal with people who have chosen not to accept Jesus Christ and live for Him.  You see those things make one weary.  I think that is why I will say and then hear, “I have fought the good fight of faith.  I have finished the race”, and Jesus tell me, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” (2TI 4:7,  MAT. 25:32)

Of a similar thought, what would you do “the day before” if you knew?  If you knew that tomorrow you get The Day Before 1that pink slip, or that positive blood test back, or you’re going to die, or a natural disaster was going to hit.  Who would you talk to?  What would be so important to you that you just had to take care of it…the day before?

Today could be the day before. For me, if my day before was before leaving earth, the day before I am fighting, but the day after I am truly living the way God intended all along.  Then I will be living life abundantly.  With no more sin, no more hurts, and no more tears.  I am looking forward to my day before!

2 thoughts on “The Day Before

  1. “The Day Before” is for her or somebody else but not for me since I live for today. I feel each day is a unique day and I value each moment in a day. I want my day to be happy, peaceful, no hurt and no tears. I don’t want to feel regret when I look back my past.

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