For My Friend…For Me

My friend was expressing his concerns in an area of his life.  The way he was talking it became clear that he was limiting God and not even realizing it.  I said to my friend, “You are limiting God.  You are putting him in a box, and theoretically saying, “God, in my mind, you can only do so much.””  My friend smiled and said to me, “You should write that down.  That was good.”  I told him, “I don’t have to, because God has been telling me that as well.”  I said, “It is written down on my heart.”

It seems as if it is so easy for us to forget just how big God really is.  Just how mighty and awesome is his power.  In the way we think and talk to him we must make him feel like looking down at his name tag.  To see if it still says, “Hello, my name is: God” I think it is in those times God wants to review with us his resume.

“Am I not the one who created the heavens and the earth?  Am I not the one who said, “Let there be”, and there was?   Am I not the one who flooded the whole earth to cleans it of sin, and yet I provided salvation for the few who believed?  Am I not the one who divided the Red Sea and again provided salvation for my people?  I have made water come from a rock, walls fall, the earth stand still, defeated a giant with a stone, and little boy, shut the mouths of hungry lions, allowed my servants to walk through fire, and yet not get burn, again and again delivered the children of Israel from the hand of their enemy, raised the dead, healed the sick and the lame, and so much more, and yet if all of that wasn’t enough I am the one who gave my only Son to die on a cross and then raised him from the dead so that anyone can have salvation from eternal death!  Am I not also the one who can heal you, deliver you, provide for you, guide you, and keep you until the end?  Or did you think you were talking to a lesser god?”

We limit God, because our minds have limits.  For us there is only so much we can do, but not for God.  He has no limits.  Let him out of the box.  Give him the time and freedom to do a work in us, on us, for us, and hopefully through us.  Don’t be guilty of putting any kind of limits on God, especially a “time” limit.  Remember to stay focused on his name tag, for HE IS GOD!Hello_my name is God

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