“I love her”

My daughter was telling me about a young woman who she works with in a Christian bookstore.  My daughter informed me the young lady has been there long enough to start understanding the flow of the business.  In other words, what needs to be done in the store and when those task should be completed.

Instead she continues to ask a lot of questions on things she has been told many times how to do and when to do it.  She will approach my daughter and just interrupt even while my daughter is assisting a customer.  My daughter had become very frustrated with this individual, and even beginning to wonder how she got through the interview process.

My daughter said she was so frustrated she decided to pray about it.  After she had shared with God her frustrations she paused, and it was in that moment God gently spoke into my daughter’s spirit, and she heard God say, “I love her.”  My daughter said she wept, apologized to God for her attitude, and renewed in her mind to accept the young lady sUnconditional love 2he works with as she is.  She determined to “love” her as God loves her.

Everyone was made in the image of God.  Everyone has value.  Sometimes it is hard to see this truth, but it is there.  You may have to dig deeper, get to know them better, but you will find their worth.  This kind of effort takes unconditional love, acceptance, and time.

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