It’s New

“New”.  What a short, buNewt powerful little word.  We all love something “new”.  A “new” house, a “new” car, “new” clothes, or even a “new” relationship (friend or otherwise).  When things are “new” they look better, feel better, and perhaps even smell better.

This month we have a “new” year.  It’s clean, fresh, it feels good.  Another chance to start over, do more, do better, get it right.  Like a clean slate.  But the reality is unless you make a conscious effort to purposely try harder, do things different, it doesn’t take long for the “new” to get dirty.  The new house will need cleaning, and the car will need washing, or the clothes.  And that new friend?  Well, they will turn out to be like the others have been for the most part. Then you say to yourself, “It’s just another car, another house, another friend, or just another year.  No big deal.”

So how do we make this year different?  We really cannot help ourselves.  Will power?  That’s great, but my name isn’t “Will”!  If I really want this year to be different, more, better, then I must turn to the one who can empower me to achieve any desires, goals, or resolutions. Jesus is the one who strengthens me, not just for today, or this month, or while the year is new, but all year.  Even if I get a little dirt on the year it’s not over, but He cleanses me by forgiving me when I ask, and makes things “new” again.

Here is to New!

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