This Is Crazy

Idols 2I have been doing my reading of the bible from the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament (The Message version).  What a good book loaded with adventure, wisdom, and even humor.  In chapter 44, Isaiah writes about idols.

Isa 44:9 All those who make no-god idols…and what they work so hard at making is nothing. Their little puppet-gods see nothing and know nothing–they’re total embarrassments!  Isa 44:10 Who would bother making gods that can’t do anything, that can’t “god”?  Isa 44:11 Watch all the no-god worshipers hide their faces in shame. Watch the no-god makers slink off humiliated when their idols fail them. Get them out here in the open. Make them face God-reality.  Isa 44:13 The woodworker draws up plans for his no-god, traces it on a block of wood. He shapes it with chisels and planes into human shape–a beautiful woman, a handsome man, ready to be placed in a chapel.  Isa 44:14 He first cuts down a cedar, or maybe picks out a pine or oak, and lets it grow strong in the forest, nourished by the rain.  Isa 44:15 Then it can serve a double purpose: Part he uses as firewood for keeping warm and baking bread; from the other part he makes a god that he worships–carves it into a god shape and prays before it.  Isa 44:16 With half he makes a fire to warm himself and barbecue his supper. He eats his fill and sits back satisfied with his stomach full and his feet warmed by the fire: “Ah, this is the life.”  Isa 44:17  And he still has half left for a god, made to his personal design–a handy, convenient no-god to worship whenever so inclined. Whenever the need strikes him he prays to it, “Save me. You’re my god.” Isa 44:18 Pretty stupid, wouldn’t you say? Don’t they have eyes in their heads? Are their brains working at all?  Isa 44:19 Doesn’t it occur to them to say, “Half of this tree I used for firewood: I baked bread, roasted meat, and enjoyed a good meal. And now I’ve used the rest to make an abominable no-god. Here I am praying to a stick of wood!”  Isa 44:20  This lover of emptiness, of nothing, is so out of touch with reality, so far gone, that he can’t even look at what he’s doing, can’t even look at the no-god stick of wood in his hand and say, “This is crazy.”

We don’t see too many people making physical idols these days, well some religions still do, but in our time most put “things” before the one true God.  Things like careers, power, money, fame, relationships, etc.  Praying, hoping and trusting that these things will bring them happiness, but they don’t.  Give up your hope in these “things” and begin to pray to the God who sees you, knows you, and loves you.  Then act like you believe and trust in Him.  Give Him time to work in your life.  Doing so is not crazy!

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