Love, Laughter, God, and 赞美上帝

Over the last two years I have gotten to know several Chinese people.  One of these I had started dating.  Her English was not that good when we first started getting to know each other, and my Mandarin, well forget it.   We used our smart phones back then to translate a lot of our conversations, but three things didn’t need any translating.  Those three things were love, laughter and God.

Today I went to a Chinese church to support a friend who wants to find a church community to belong to.  I only understood four Chinese words spoken.  During the worship part of the service though I knew the songs because I recognized the music.  Then it hit me; when we the body of Christ get to heaven and we sing praise052012_47.6s to God every believer will sing in their native tongue, but collectively it will become a beautiful melody instead of being a chaotic mess.  So I would have to add one more to the list of things not requiring translating: praise to God.

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