Find Who You Have Not Yet Become

I go once a month to a writer’s meeting.  There we critique each other’s latest projects, and generally remind each other we aren’t totally nuts for wanting to be a writer.  Writing can be very lonely at times and extremely grueling at other times, but a true writer must write.  Lately our president, of this writer’s group, has been starting our meetings with a “writing” prompt.  This last one was the title of this week’s blog which came from a Toyota ad in a magazine.  Below is my response to the prompt:

Find whWhereo I have not yet become?  Where would I start?  Which path do I take?  Is there a “MapQuest” website for this?  Will my GPS help me?  It always thinks I already know my destination.  “Siri”.  I’ll ask “Siri”.  She has all the answers, or her new cousin “Cortana”.  I’m sure one of those ladies would love to tell me where to go.  Oh, wait.  Stop. By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path. (Ps. 119:105 MSG)  God, you know who I need to become in you.  Show me the way.  I’ll just start here where I am and trust I’ll stop from time to time to hone in on your voice calling me toward the finish line where you already are.  Help me God to finish well.

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