Finding God

PrintI saw a page the other day from the book “Where’s Waldo?”  Sad to say I couldn’t find him.  I thought, this is crazy.  I bet a 6 year old could find him faster than I can.  And I even know what he looks like!  Then the thought hit me, is that one of the reasons why people can’t find God?  They don’t know what He looks like?

If God bumped into you on the street would you know it was Him?  The truth is, God has known you before you were ever born.  “Psa 139:13  Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb.” He knew all about you then, and still knows all about you now.  He also hears your heart, knows what you’re going through, and more than that, He cares.  God spends your whole life hoping, and helping you find Him, accept Him, and get to know Him.  He even heard you the other day when you said, “I wish my heart would stop breaking.”  “I wish the pain would go away.”, or “God why?” and, “God do you not see what I am going through here?”

He does see.  He does care.  He wants the pain to stop as much as you do.  Like a parent who has to stand by and helplessly watch their child hurt.  God hurts when His children hurt, but He is not helpless.  He can guide, comfort, heal, and give you peace.  If you really want to find God then go to a church that teaches about Him.  Read His words, the “Bible”.  And best of all, just talk to Him.  Talk to him like you would your best friend.  After all He should be.  That is how you find God.

I had a friend once who said to me she was so tired of “bumping into God!”  I asked her what she meant by that statement.  She explained that lately every time she gets away from one disciple of Christ she meets another one.  I responded by saying, “Wow!  God really does love you, for He is pursuing you like crazy.”  The thing is, God loves everyone and pursues everyone no matter where they go, or what they do to get away from Him.  Stop running.  Stop making God pursue you.  Accept Him, His unbelievable love, His goodness, His kindness, and just enjoy being in the presence of perfection.  I assure you God is easier to find than Waldo.


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