When Did Mary Know?


Photo by Cathy Wang

There is a Christmas song I really like titled, “Mary Did You Know?” written by Mark Lowry.  The song ask Mary did you know your baby would… and it goes on to list a lot of the great things that Jesus did while here on earth.

Mary birthed “Hope”.  But did she truly realize the magnitude of the one she was giving birth to?  Does any parent ever know who their child will grow up to be?  My question for Mary would be, “When did you know?  At what point?  After which miracle, did you believe your son was the One the angel of the Lord first told you he would be?  Mary, when did you believe that your son was indeed God’s Son?”  Everyone will be asked the same question.  “When did you believe?”  I hope it’s not when you are standing before Him being judged for that will be too late.

Another thought: Not to minimize the importance of Mary, but she too was a sinner who needed the gift of salvation that the son she bore came to give.

Birth “Hope”.  Give people the greatest gift that was ever given to you.  Deliver the hope we have in Jesus Christ with everyone you can this season and every day, so like Mary, they will know.


Merry Christmas to all of you.  May you know God, a little better every day.

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