Don’t Walk Alone

There are many stages to life.  I once heard a great sermon by pastor Mike Breaux titled, “From Walker to Walker”.  He showed how we go from a baby walker to a walker used by the elderly, and all the stages in between.

My ex-wif040092_02e and I were at a company party at a skating rink.  I wanted my son to enjoy the evening as well.  They wouldn’t let me carry him around while I skated, but they let me push him around in his walker.  One problem: the plastic wheels got hot from the speed and melted.  It’s hard to use a walker with one side of each wheel flat.  Although by using it after that evening we always knew where he was in the house; right where we had left him.

Two train buddies, Judy and Jan, are retiring this month.  I’m happy for them, but a little envious, for now they get to do what they want to do, and not what they have to do to survive.  This should be a good stage in life.

Then there are the stages of cancer.  I have another friend going through that right now.  She smiles, and says she is doing okay, but I wonder when she looks at herself in the mirror is she really okay?  I struggle with finding the right words to say to her.  I can tell her I am praying for her, but how do I show her I really care?

As we walk through the stages of life, which is like a vapor that passes before our eyes (James 4:14) it is important to make the most of each one.  The only way to do that is to trust God as you are in that particular stage and to be content in it.  No matter how you are walking through life know this; if you are a child of God you are not alone.  You may be single, married, have lots of friends, or just one, but there is indeed one who is always walking with you.  His name is Jesus.  Whatever stage you are in He may walk beside you, in front of you leading the way, or He may be carrying you, but He is indeed there with you.

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