The Flight of Life

LeaIn the video link below you will witness 4 year old Lea taking her first acrobatic flight with her dad.  She sits back and enjoys it tremendously, and I don’t know French (I think it is French), but I swear she is begging for more.

Laughing in the midst of things upside down, bouncing around, and rolling from side to side?  Could we ever accomplish such emotion as this little girl while going through life?  Yes.

Yes we could.  You see the secret to Lea’s giddiness is she knows her father has control.  He is going to get her through the upevil and plant her feet firmly on the ground again.

Can you say you trust your heavenly father that same way?  I hope so.  When life gets bouncy sit back, tighten your seat belt, and I dare you to laugh, because you too can know that your heavenly father will once again set your feet on solid ground.  (Ps. 40:2)


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