A God-Filled Year


I was emailing one of my writing friends this past week for the first time this year.  I wanted to wish her a “Happy New Year”, but what came out was even better.  (And it surprised me as well.)  I wished her, “Happy New God-Filled Moments Year”.  Good, right?

As I thought some more about this statement of faith I realized in order for one to know if they are having God-filled moments they have to see them, they have to feel them, and they have to recognize them.  Not every moment is God blessing you either, but many God-filled moments can be you blessing someone else in His name.

This year try your best to open your spiritual eyes, so you may see when it is “Only God” doing something in your life, and so you may see when God wants to touch someone else’s life through you.  It may take time, but one thing I have learned is this: God can use anything the devil intends for harm and use it for good.  Another thing I have learned is: When you are helping someone else your own life’s troubles seem to fade.

So will you make this faith acclamation?  Will you say, “Here’s to God-Filled Moments”?  As this year progresses I would love to hear about “God-Filled Moments” in your life.  I will most likely keep a journal of them and who knows even share them with others with your permission.  Email me at: bradymarka@gmail.com

In the mean time, “Happy New God-Filled Moments” to you!

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