A Life with Meaning

91716_01I exited the train.  Looking forward to being home.  That is when I saw them.  A young man, a young son, and a young dog all standing up against the fence holding onto it with their hands, and paws, waiting.  Undoubtedly waiting for a young wife, a young mother, a young friend.  The image was strong, and unfortunately one only a few others noticed, and commented by their, “Ahhh”s.  What a welcoming site for the one being waited on to arrive.  A young woman coming home to the love of a husband, the love of a child, and the love of a dog.

For those who have accepted God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, and who now enjoy “a life with meaning” (Proverbs 9:6 MSG) they too will have a homecoming worth waiting for.  I can imagine God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit standing, waiting to welcome us when we get off the train of life.  (Providing we stay on track.  Sorry I had to go for the pun.)

I hope you, my reader, are on track with your life to see God when you reach your final destination.  I pray you have found what life with God is all about.  How life with Him has meaning, purpose, and hope.


Copyright © 2016 Mark Brady, All rights reserved

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