I Want to Speak to the One in Charge

071120“I demand a new pair of jeans,” said the man holding a pair of Levis.

I had to ask, “What’s wrong with those?”

“Their flawed.  The fabric has come apart.  See?”  he replied.

I looked at the spot he was pointing to.  “Sir,” I responded, “Those are ripped.  You must have gotten them caught on something.”

“I did no such thing,” he insisted as he started stomping around displaying his anger.

I was about to enlighten this man that when denim rips, it does so in an “L” pattern, like the one on his blue jeans.  But before I could get the words out of my mouth I heard, “Mark, I’ll take it from here.”  The words were spoken by the store manager, Jim.

Jim looked at the jeans.  His fingers rubbed across the ripped area feeling the loose strings.  He then looked at the tag over the right back pocket taking in the waist size and the length.  He looked at the man square in the eyes, and said, “One moment.”  Jim walked over to where we kept the Levis and he retrieved a brand new pair.  When he returned to the sales counter he placed them in a shopping bag and handed them to the man.  He smiled at him and said, “Here you go sir.  Thank you for your business.”

I didn’t understand and started to ask Jim, “Why”, but Jim said to me, “Wait.”  After the man left the small clothing store, in the small town, Jim turned and said to me, “Sometimes it is better to give a customer what they want, even when you know they are lying.  You see, that man is satisfied.  He knows he made a mistake, but he didn’t want to pay for it.  He will return to do more shopping here.”  I stood there, letting the words sink in, and then Jim said, with an old, wrinkled smile on his face, “And besides, I can send those jeans back and get refunded.”  Jim was the man in charge, and Jim knew what could be done, and when.

Here’s the thing, all of us have made mistakes we don’t want to pay for.  Some even deny it.  God is the one in charge of everything.  He will run his finger over the rip in your life feeling the loose disconnected strings.  He will walk you over to a shelf where your new life sits.  He will smile and offer it to you.  You may be wondering how you can pay for it.  Will your good deeds be enough?  No, so how can you take it?

God will tell you how he gave his only son, Jesus to die on a cross and how his death pays for your new life.  Then he will encourage you to accept this free gift.  So if you are feeling lost, depressed, forgotten, or hopeless ask to speak to the one in charge.  Receive his free gift of salvation.  After doing so, I assure you, things will look up, and you will feel satisfied.

Copyright © 2020 Mark Brady.  All rights reserved.

A Life with Meaning

91716_01I exited the train.  Looking forward to being home.  That is when I saw them.  A young man, a young son, and a young dog all standing up against the fence holding onto it with their hands, and paws, waiting.  Undoubtedly waiting for a young wife, a young mother, a young friend.  The image was strong, and unfortunately one only a few others noticed, and commented by their, “Ahhh”s.  What a welcoming site for the one being waited on to arrive.  A young woman coming home to the love of a husband, the love of a child, and the love of a dog.

For those who have accepted God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit, and who now enjoy “a life with meaning” (Proverbs 9:6 MSG) they too will have a homecoming worth waiting for.  I can imagine God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit standing, waiting to welcome us when we get off the train of life.  (Providing we stay on track.  Sorry I had to go for the pun.)

I hope you, my reader, are on track with your life to see God when you reach your final destination.  I pray you have found what life with God is all about.  How life with Him has meaning, purpose, and hope.


Copyright © 2016 Mark Brady, All rights reserved